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VenCC Environmental Control Systems

VenCC Environmental Control Systems is a project designed to collect and measure various environmental values such as temperature, humidity, sound level, CO, CO2, etc. The measuring sensors collect data, which is then sent to a data collector device using a 433 MHz frequency. This complies with regulations for Short Range Wireless Devices. The data is transmitted to a central server using Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or GSM.

VenCC is specifically designed to measure vaccine and pharmacy cabinet temperatures ranging from -40C to +70C.

The Ventura Temperature Monitoring Program is fully compliant with the Ministry of Health Services

Functional Features

  • Real-time temperature tracking and archiving
  • Ability to monitor the temperature of a specific room or cabinet through a web interface
  • Statistical and graphical reporting that is based on parameters.
  • SMS, e-mail, Audio, and Visual Warning System
  • Easy to Use
  • Full Integration with Ministry Services
  • 2D QR Code Reader
  • Stock management system supporting QR codes.



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