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ALIS Laboratory Information Management System

ALIS is a Laboratory Information Management System that provides end-to-end solutions. As one of our company’s early R&D studies, it remains the most widely used and the first solution in this field.
ALIS is a comprehensive information management system for medical laboratories that manages all stages, from test requests to reporting.
ALIS is a comprehensive system that covers all the necessary steps and processes involved in testing samples. This includes barcoding, sample collection, transportation, laboratory acceptance or rejection, sending test requests to analyzers through VLIB, receiving test results from analyzers via VLIB, technical and clinical approval, repeating tests if needed, and finally transferring results and reports to HIS.
ALIS has passed the IHE tests, the sole interoperability criterion with other international systems. It is now recognized as the first domestic software in Turkey to receive the IHE declaration in the laboratory field of knowledge. Since April 2013, it has remained the only domestic software to have achieved this feat.
ALIS prioritizes interoperability by delivering quality results.
ALIS is capable of providing consultancy on quality indicators for laboratories that require or aim for accreditation.
ALIS also eliminates dependency on device models or versions by providing relevant graphical and statistical data so that the laboratory can more easily monitor analyzer devices’ daily quality control processes.
ALIS initially introduced LOINC codes to standardize examination requests and results transfer between laboratories. Today, LOINC is widely used throughout Turkey for this purpose.
Ventura currently manages the LOINC web interface utilized by the Ministry of Health.
ALIS is used in various healthcare facilities in Turkey, including Public Health Laboratories, Hygiene Laboratories, State, University, Training and Research Hospitals, Private Hospitals and Laboratories, Blood Banks, and other regions.

Main Features

  • Centralized Usage: ALIS allows connecting multiple labs within a center or across centers.
  • Flexibility and Integration: ALIS can integrate with various databases, Hospital Information Management Systems (HIMS), and analyzers. It can operate with ease alongside any Hospital Information Management System, and even if the HIMS used in the hospital changes, ALIS can continue to function in harmony with the new system without any complications. It’s worth noting that ALIS is highly adaptable and can work seamlessly with any new system or software that may be introduced in the future.
  • Expertise: The field of LIMS requires its own specialized knowledge and skills.
  • In EU countries and the USA, integrated HMIS + LIMS solutions are preferred in 79% of applications rather than single solutions.
    Additionally, ALIS is a pioneer in Bacteriology and Blood Bank applications in Turkey.
  • Traceability: The stage of a patient’s tests can be continually monitored.
  • Accurate Billing: All laboratory tests are invoiced with no loss.
  • Reliability and Consistency: ALIS includes all processes, preventing disruptions and inconsistencies. Results are reported and archived.
  • Ease of Use: ALIS has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to perform operations.

ALISWeb: ALISWeb allows test orders to be entered online and barcoded before arrival at the lab. The web-based system enables tracking patient results and access restrictions based on user privileges.


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