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PAGO Human Resources Management System 

PAGO is a human resources management system designed to manage healthcare professionals for healthcare facilities. The personnel records are based on the MERNIS (Centralized Civil Registry System) query. The system ensures instant data exchange regarding personnel with other integrated systems like HIMS and PDKS.

PAGO is also integrated into the Centralized Doctor Appointment System (CDAS), which controls the leave procedures of physicians with active appointments and takes preventive measures. To prevent multiple entries of the same data and ensure data integrity, the permissions entered are integrated with ÇKYS (Ministry of Health Core Resource Management System).

Moreover, PAGO provides information to PDKS (Personnel Attendance Control System) and shares the working status of the relevant personnel. It offers integration-friendly services for controlled entries and exits with a standard integration interface for all HIS operating in healthcare facilities.

PAGO is a central system developed with web/mobile technologies for university hospitals, public hospitals, and private health institutions. It meets the requirements of the day, the needs of national/international quality standards, and all regulations and regulations of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Finance, as well as the Revolving Fund Additional Payment Legislation of YÖK (Council of Higher Education).

General Features:

  • It aims to prevent personnel from experiencing rights grievances and unnecessary payments.
  • Ensuring correct and complete payments by detecting incorrect amounts and making necessary arrangements.
  • The paperless process manages the entire process from start to finish while automating all calculation steps. It eliminates the need for paper-based processes.
  • All integrations with external systems required for calculating steps and checking inconsistencies are covered.


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