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AnimArca: Smart Intensive Care Box

Objective: The purpose of this system is to perform immediate measurement, evaluation, and monitoring of patients in intensive care by connecting their devices to a single box with a standard interface. The box has built-in modules that calculate intensive care scores, detect false alarms and artifacts, and provide early warning for sepsis, essential for patient monitoring. Additionally, the system allows the collected data to be stored and queried on a central server.

Method: For AnimArca, USB Type-C is the universal adapter for its intensive care devices. A device-independent working environment has been created using universal converters and a cloud-supported device recognition service. Patent processes have been initiated due to the research in this field.

The box includes calculations for the four most commonly used intensive care scores in ARDEN syntax. Intensive care units can also use ARDEN to calculate their unique scores or define crucial formulas or rules for patient follow-up and load them dynamically into the box.

Early diagnosis of sepsis has been made possible with the use of RF and LSTM methods. All developments were made using Python and its libraries.

Innovative Features

  • AnimaPort Universal Converter
  • Plug and Play
  • Uninterrupted data collection via Wi-Fi
  • HDMI interface
  • Artifact and False Alarm Detection
  • Customizable Scoring
  • Sepsis Early Warning



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