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Career at Ventura

Ventura Software sees its employees in every position and position as the company’s greatest assets.

Our basic expectation is that our teammates are disciplined, open to communication, and work in harmony.

It is necessary to protect and develop our personnel structure that is at peace with our corporate values, productive, open to improving their knowledge and skills, and gaining ethical sensitivity.

For this reason, we are sensitive and meticulous in making systematic decisions and operating implementation processes, lifelong learning, localizing new and innovative technologies and approaches within the company, disseminating knowledge and skills in teamwork, producing scientific outputs, and reviewing ethical codes in our business processes.

At Ventura, we are always open to cooperation and companionship with engineers, researchers, and technical personnel who want to use their professional skills in Health Informatics, which has the highest social and social contribution.

For this reason, we evaluate the applications made to us as soon as they are made, not when needed.

Students: We are pleased to welcome our student friends who have completed their first four semesters studying Computer Engineering, Artificial Intelligence Engineering, Electrical-Electronics, Engineering, and Industrial Engineering at universities to work in our company as interns. At the same time, we continue our part-time work practice to contribute to the experience of our fellow students in the health and software industry and to sustain the integration of our company with the developing and changing younger generations.

We expect people who want to apply to this program to have completed the first six semesters of their undergraduate education.

Researchers: Our R&D team collaborates with graduate students in Computer Engineering, Artificial Intelligence Engineering, Electrical-Electronics Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mathematics, and Statistics to enhance diagnosis and treatment processes. Our focus areas include Computer Vision, Predictive Analytics, Advanced Database Applications, and Analytical Approaches to Big Data.

Engineers: Our team collaborates with graduates from the Computer Engineering, Artificial Intelligence Engineering, and Electrical-Electronics Engineering departments to maintain and enhance our existing solutions while developing new information systems. We engage in various activities such as processing structured and unstructured data formats, managing big data, developing web-based applications, integrating systems, creating mobile applications, developing IoT platforms, and developing services.

Technical personnel: We work closely with our customers to ensure that our services and solutions fully integrate into their working environment. To achieve this, we collaborate with our colleagues who provide training and support to ensure they are fully equipped to operate our products. Our primary goal is to provide a satisfactory service, particularly in areas where problem-solving skills are critical. We understand the importance of health institutions and processes and carry out our work with colleagues with a strong foundation in databases, operating systems, and network knowledge.

If you’re interested in applying for any of our positions, please send your CV in PDF format to


Sancak Mah. Sema Yazar Sok. No:10/1 Çankaya-ANKARA

Phone: 0312 265 00 80

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