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LISSpy – Kit Inspection System


If you work in the diagnostic field and plan to make a “Bedside Study” agreement with hospitals, the LIS Spy-Kit Inspection System (LIS-SPY) can help you track what’s happening.

LIS-Spy is an information management system developed for diagnostic device suppliers. It allows the device supplier to monitor the result numbers produced through its system in hospitals, including test numbers, repetitions, and quality control numbers. This helps the device supplier verify the accuracy of the data and report it accordingly.

Users can easily report on the device how many tests have been run on which patient within a specific date range and how many have been re-run. By comparing the information obtained with the hospital system, medical companies can increase the efficiency of the kits and reduce their costs.

From the perspective of LIS-SPY, HIS, or LIS, it is a harmless software that only sends the data from the device to the host computer and vice versa.

Bedside Study and LIS-SPY

Hospitals report periodic test numbers to medical companies in the Bedside Study method. However, there is a significant problem where the reported numbers are inconsistent with the number of kits provided by the company. For example, a hospital may report 80,000 tests at the end of the month, but the company may have provided 120,000 test kits during that same period. The company estimates that around 20,000 are repeat tests, but the remaining 20,000 are unknown. As a result, the company has to issue invoices according to the figures reported by the hospital, which may not reflect the actual number of tests.

To address this issue, LIS-SPY is a communication listening program that constantly monitors and records the communication between the diagnostic device and LIS/HIS. Even if information about the test is deleted from LIS/HIS and the device, LIS-SPY can still retrieve and save this information. This enables the program to record the actual number of patients studied, how many tests were performed, and how many repeats were executed. This way, the exact number of tests performed can always be seen in LIS-SPY.


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