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Interacto Pharmacy Information System (PIS)

Interacto is a cutting-edge web service and application for Pharmacy Information Systems. It integrates national and international data sources and information on drugs used in Turkey and over-the-counter herbal products into a unified platform.

Interacto is a reliable source of information regarding all types of drugs and over-the-counter products available for purchase in Turkey. It provides a wide range of information, including basic drug information, images of packaging, coverage of drugs by the Social Security Institution, patient payment differences, literature-based interactions, incompatibility communication, and other data provided by other Pharmacy Information System providers. With Interacto, you can easily access dosage information, SPC/DIU (Summary of Product Characteristics/Drug Instructions for Use) documents, and active ingredient details.

Interacto goes beyond basic expectations by providing the following features:

(i) Comparative interaction and incompatibility information based on SPC/DIU (Summary of Product Characteristics/Drug Instructions for Use).

(ii) Interaction management.

(iii) Information on drug adverse effects based on real cases.

(iv) Comparative indication information based on SPC/DIU.

(v) Alternative drugs that can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

(vi) Recommendations for a narrower spectrum antibiogram that can provide the same effect.

(vii) Laboratory tests to be performed on the patient with Health Application Communiqué service codes. This will enable access to the relationship between the medication the patient uses.

The main goal of Interacto is to provide users with information on interactions and support information technologies for managing interactions. A critical factor in interaction management is the half-life, which can vary depending on the SPC/DIU (Summary of Product Characteristics/Drug Instructions for Use) and literature, just like interactions. It is crucial to know which drugs should be used and how long before the other if a doctor prescribes interacting drugs to a patient.

General Features

  • Two distinct solutions: a web service and an application.
  • Comparing the active ingredient and active metabolite list The Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency released according to the global RxNorm standard. It transferred the names of active ingredients used in Turkey to the Unified Medical Language System (UMLS) platform.
  • Transferring the coding system, called ICD10/TR, to the UMLS platform with the later additions to the ICD10/AM (Australian Modification) 6th Version used in Turkey.
  • Matching Turkish organism and antibiotic names in Antibiogram Susceptibility Tests with WHO standards in Turkey.
  • SUT is used as a Health Application Communiqué in Turkey to define laboratory tests and CPT/Lab matching in the USA.
  • Integrating with established databases, preferably those based on FDA resources for interaction and American Society of Hospital Pharmacists (ASHP) resources for incompatibility.
  • Based on SPC/DIU data and international literature, our system displays drug-drug interaction, drug-food interaction, and drug incompatibility information simultaneously.
  • Support for “Integration Management” based on the half-life information of active ingredients and active metabolites.
  • Service of drug adverse events based on actual cases and regularly published by the FDA
  • Combined and comparative access to Summary of Product Characteristics/Drug Instructions for Use information published by the Ministry of Health and FDA Drug Label information published by the FDA.
  • Service of effects of drugs used during pregnancy and breastfeeding, along with alternative recommendations in international literature
  • Making recommendations for the narrowest spectrum antibiotic based on Antibiogram Sensitivity Test results.
  • Informing about Health Application Communiqué (SUT) Information on possible errors that may occur in laboratory tests depending on laboratory requests and the prescription written to the patient or the medications used by the patient.
  • Ability to present all information about drugs and OTC products offered by Pharmacy Information System suppliers


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