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Industrial Leadership

ALIS has passed the IHE tests, the sole interoperability criterion with other international systems. It is now recognized as the first domestic software in Turkey to receive the IHE declaration in the laboratory field of knowledge. Since April 2013, it has remained the only domestic software to have achieved this feat.

VITALIS is Turkey’s first and only Blood Bank Information System that can work in integration with LIMS and HIMS.

RiPACS is the first software in Turkey to have a wholly domestic and RIS-focused PACS architecture.

COMMENTUM is the software that integrates with companies that offer clinical engineering services for medical devices, including maintenance, repair, and calibration contracts. Integrating with these companies allows tracking the company’s performance against specific criteria outlined in the agreement, such as minimum response time, repair time, and uptime rate. Sanctions may be applied if the company fails to meet these criteria.

CAtenA: Our integrated solution is vital in our country’s battle against COVID-19. It allows for the processing, evaluating, and archiving of rt-PCR results regardless of the device and kit used. With the assistance of artificial intelligence, it can even assess the results itself.

Being the first of its kind in both our country and the world, our software plays a crucial role in managing the pandemic process.


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